Common Questions

Common Questions

How do I order?
1. Locate the product you are interested in on the product page and click on it.
2. You will be taken through a number of steps to upload your customized item.
3. When you get to the step asking how you would like to send your photos to us, you can choose to upload, email or mail your photos to us. The easiest solution is to upload your photos through our web site (your images must be in jpeg format to use this feature). This will allow you to view an instant preview of your item and reduce waiting time. If you choose to email or mail your photos, you will be given further instructions after you receive your order confirmation by email.
4. When you are done choosing your items options, you will be able to add the item to your shopping cart. After doing this, you will need to choose your quantity, shipping location, shipping method and the date you need to receive your order by.
5. You are now ready to finalize the purchase. When you click on the purchase button, you will be taken to our payment page where you can choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, money order or check.

How do I upload photos?
When it comes time for you to upload your photos you will be taken to the Calyptic Upload Studio. This will allow you to upload your photos and then make alterations to it (if desired). You can crop it, rotate it, and convert it to black & white or sepia tone. After you have your photos uploaded and altered, you will leave the studio and continue on with your ordering process. Of course your calendar preview is updated instantly to show the changes you have made to your uploaded photo(s).

When will I get my order?
We typically ship orders 3 business days after we receive the photos, approval and payment for your order. So, if you upload your photos through our site and pay by credit card, your order will likely ship 3 business days after you place the order. If you mail or email your photos or pay by a method other than credit card, there may be a longer delay before your order ships.

You will be able to manage your orders online through our web site. This allows you to make changes to the calendar options, quantity, or billing/mailing information. You can also make a payment for your order, view your order preview and find out your order status. Shipping time will depend on the shipping method you choose when ordering and where it is being shipped. Estimated shipping and delivery dates are given prior to completing your order.

What size should my photos be?
We use a high quality printing process which results in beautiful prints, but the appearance of your calendar relies heavily on the quality of the original photos. If you are using digital photos, they should be about 150-200 dpi at print size. To figure out the number of pixels your digital photos should be, just multiply the print size in inches by 150. You should also try to take digital photos at the highest quality available on your camera. Your photos should be saved as high quality JPEG files. You can also mail a CD with your digital photos on them if you are unable to upload or email them. Of course we recommend you upload the photos directly through our site. If you are mailing photos to us for scanning, your photos will be returned with your order unharmed.

Where do I mail my photos?
After you place an order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation which will tell you where to send your photos. If you don't receive the email, make sure it didn't go in to your junk mail and add '' to your safe list.

What are rewards?
You will receive 2.5% in rewards for every order you place. Rewards can be used towards any future purchase (they can not be applied towards shipping costs). To use them, just select the appropriate box on the payment entry form when ordering. They will be applied and show up on your order confirmation.

Is the ordering process secure?
When your web browser goes to the order form page, it will connect to our secure server using internet standard SSL encryption which makes it virtually impossible for anybody to view your personal information other than us. If you don't feel comfortable paying by credit card through our site, you can pay by credit card through PayPal or you can pay by check/money order.

Return/Refund policy
Orders will be replaced free of charge if the product received is different from what is ordered. Orders will be printed exactly as shown in your online preview, so please review it very carefully and make corrections prior to ordering. Returns are not accepted due to the customized nature of our products. If you are unsure of how your photos will print or are concerned about print/paper quality, we encourage you to ask for a print sample. We can also print a sample calendar for orders of 50+ upon request if you want to confirm quality prior to printing the whole order. If you don't like the sample and decide to cancel the order, you won't be charged anything.